Dr. Stein has seen our 9 year old daughter for evaluation, as her schoolwork was not at grade level and we thought there might be some issues we could help her with. His extensive testing helped guide us in finding our her where her difficulties lay and enabled us to focus on them. He has a great way with kids, is extremely knowledgeable, confers with other professionals in the area when needed, and gave us the guidance we needed to help her. She is now at grade level, and Dr. Stein has helped us find the tools for her to succeed. We would highly recommend him. He is just the best!

-Parents of 9 year old

Thank you for the updated diagnosis for our son . As a child, testing had revealed a different diagnosis which helped us plan his therapy at that time. We noticed that as he made his way through the maze of education his learning needs changed. As a freshman college student he again had difficulties especially in the area of math, and study skills. I knew that he needed to update study skills and he needed a different kind of help in math. I’m an elementary teacher, yet frustrated because what I had planned in the past didn’t completely help my son as a young adult student. It was really serious because he was on “conditional acceptance” at CSUN. In a way we were forced to address his learning needs ASAP. So, thanks to your careful testing we are on track again. Now he understands how he learns, he gets educational therapy, testing modifications from his college, and coaching in math. He understands that staying away from careers which involve math is not necessary, just needs to recognize that math is an area he’ll probably need help in throughout his college career. Dr. Stein, hopefully other families will understand that addressing a person’s needs whether social or academic first needs thorough investigation through testing so everyone involved knows exactly what is going on.

-Parent of 19 year old college Student

I wanted to thank you.  It was a pleasure working with you and Ryan.   My husband and I left your office agreeing that your evaluation was well worth our investment.  You made us feel as though we were your only clients, although I know we definitely are not.  I was amazed to find that you personally answer your phone!  Your super quick response to emails is unheard of, but greatly appreciated.  We now feel as though we have a better understanding of how to help our son.  Thank you again for helping us to help our son.  We would recommend you to anyone!